represents a derived key generated by GenerateDerivedKey.


  • DerivedKey is an object containing a secure key, which can be used in place of a plain-text password.
  • DerivedKey contains all the information necessary to verify the password used to generate the key.
  • In DerivedKey[assoc], the association assoc contains the following:
  • "Function"key derivation function used
    "Parameters"arguments of the key derivation function
    "DerivedKey"derived key
    "Salt"salt used to derive the key
  • The value of "Parameters" is an Association that contains "KeySize" and parameters specific to the key derivation function used.
  • DerivedKey[assoc]["prop"] gives the specified element of assoc; it is equivalent to assoc["prop"].
  • DerivedKey[assoc]["PHCString"] gives a string representation of the derived key.
  • DerivedKey[assoc]["KeySize"] gives the size of the key in bits.
  • DerivedKey[assoc]["Properties"] gives a list of available properties.


Basic Examples  (7)

Generate a derived key:

Extract the derived sequence of bytes:

Extract the name of the key derivation function used:

Extract key derivation function parameters:

Obtain derived key as a hex string:

Verify password using DerivedKey:

Verify password using hex string representation of DerivedKey:

Introduced in 2019
Updated in 2020