"Flickr" (Service Connection)

Search for and import photos from Flickr using the Wolfram Language.

Connecting & Authenticating

ServiceConnect["Flickr"] creates a connection to the Flickr API. If a previously saved connection can be found, it will be used; otherwise, a new authentication request will be launched.
Use of this connection requires an internet connection and a Flickr user account.


ServiceExecute["Flickr","request",params] sends a request to the Flickr API, using parameters params. The following give possible requests.

User Information


"UserData" profile information for the specified user

  • "User"authenticated useruser ID, name, or email
  • Search Images


    "ImageSearch" search photos by user, keyword, description, date range, or location

  • "User"Noneuser ID, name, or email
    "Keywords"Nonegeneral search keywords
    "Description"Nonekeywords to search for in photo title, description, or tags
    "DateTaken"Nonedate or date range photos were taken
    "DateUploaded"Nonedate or date range photos were uploaded
    "Location"Nonelocation of photos
    "Elements""Data"data elements to return
    "Format""Dataset"output format
    "ImageSize""Medium"image size
    MaxItems30number of results to return
    "StartIndex"1index of first search result to return
    "SortBy"Nonesorting order parameter
  • Import Images


    "ImportImage" import a specific image

  • "Keys"(required)photo ID, farm, server, and secret keys, all provided by "Keys" field in "ImageSearch" request
    "ImageSize""Thumbnail"image size
  • User Image Collections


    "UserGalleries" list of photo galleries for a specific user

    "UserAlbums" list of photo albums for a specific user

  • "User"authenticated useruser ID, name, or email
    MaxItems100number of results to return
    "ShowPrimaryPhoto"Falsewhether to return a representative photo for each gallery
  • Photo Gallery Data


    "GalleryImages" data about a specific photo gallery

  • "GalleryID"(required)gallery ID
    "Elements""Data"data elements to return
    "Format""Dataset"output format of data elements
    "ImageSize""Medium"image size
  • Photo Album Data


    "AlbumImages" data about a specific photo album

  • "AlbumID"(required)album ID
    "Elements""Data"data elements to return
    "Format""Dataset"output format of data elements
    "ImageSize""Medium"image size
    MaxItems100number of elements to return
  • Parameter Details

    Possible specifications for "User" include:
  • usernamesimple username
    {"UserID",id}where id stands for the API user's ID
    {"UserName",username}equivalent to passing the username
    {"UserEmail",address}where address stands for the email associated to the user's account
  • Possible values for "Elements" include:
  • "Images"return a list of images
    "Data"return a dataset with a limited set of fields
    "FullData"return a dataset with all available fields
    "ImageLinks"return a list of image hyperlinks
    "LinkedThumbnails"return a list of hyperlinked thumbnails
  • Possible values for "ImageSize" include:
  • "Small"320×240
    "Original"original image size
  • Notes & Issues

    This product uses the Flickr API but is not endorsed or certified by Flickr.


    Basic Examples  (7)

    Create a new connection:

    Search photos by keyword:

    Links to original photos are provided in MetaInformation:

    Search photos by location:

    Search photos by location or keyword, taken during a specific date range:

    Search user photos:

    Create a photo collage:

    Show information about a user's photo albums or galleries:

    Show information about a specific photo gallery or album: