Extensively used within the Wolfram System itself, the Wolfram Symbolic Transfer Protocol (WSTP) is the Wolfram System's unique high-level symbolic interface standard for interprogram communication. With convenient bindings for a variety of languages, WSTP immediately allows arbitrary symbolic objectsrepresenting data, programs, or any other constructto be efficiently exchanged between programs, on one computer or across a heterogeneous network.

Installable WSTP Programs »

Install run a WSTP-installable external program

LinkPatterns find functions available in a running WSTP program

WSTP Wolfram Language Functions »

LinkLaunch, LinkConnect, LinkCreate, LinkActivate initiate WSTP programs and connections

LinkRead, LinkWrite read and write expressions on a WSTP connection

Links list all currently open links

C Language Functions »

WSPutInteger32()  ▪  WSGetInteger32()  ▪  WSPutString()  ▪  WSPutFunction()  ▪  ...

WSOpenString()  ▪  WSNextPacket()  ▪  WSTransferExpression()  ▪  ...

Java Functions »

evaluate()  ▪  evaluateToOutputForm()  ▪  evaluateToImage()  ▪  ...

put()  ▪  getInteger()  ▪  getObject()

createKernelLink()  ▪  waitForAnswer()

C#/.Net Functions »

Evaluate()  ▪  EvaluateToOutputForm()  ▪  EvaluateToImage()  ▪  ...

Put()  ▪  GetInteger()  ▪  GetObject()

CreateKernelLink()  ▪  WaitForAnswer()