creates a WSTP link with the specified name for another program to connect to.


creates a WSTP link and picks an unused name for the link.

Details and Options

  • LinkCreate returns a LinkObject.
  • You can use LinkCreate and LinkConnect to set up peertopeer communication between two Wolfram System processes.
  • LinkCreate[] by default creates a shared memory link.
  • The option LinkProtocol specifies the underlying data transport protocol to use.
  • LinkCreate[LinkProtocol->"TCPIP"] picks an unused TCP/IP port on your computer system and creates a WSTP link on it.
  • LinkCreate internally calls a function analogous to the WSOpenArgv() function in the WSTP library.


Basic Examples  (3)

Create a link with name "test":

Close the link:

Create a link:

Close the link:

Find an unallocated TCPIP port and create a WSTP link:

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