starts the external program prog and opens a WSTP connection to it.

Details and Options

  • LinkLaunch["prog"] runs prog as a subsidiary or child process to your current Wolfram System session.
  • You can use a command such as LinkLaunch["math -wstp"] to launch a subsidiary Wolfram Language kernel process from within your Wolfram System session.
  • On most computer systems, calling LinkLaunch["prog"] multiple times with the same argument will start several prog processes running.
  • On some computer systems, LinkLaunch[] will bring up a program browser.
  • LinkLaunch returns a LinkObject.
  • The option LinkProtocol specifies the underlying data transport protocol to use.
  • LinkLaunch internally calls a function analogous to the WSOpenArgv() function in the WSTP library.


Basic Examples  (1)

Launch a subsidiary Wolfram Language kernel process:

Read the first packet from the subsidiary Wolfram System process:

Close the link and the subsidiary kernel:

Introduced in 1996