connects to a WSTP link created by another program.

Details and Options

  • LinkConnect by default uses shared memory links.
  • The option LinkProtocol allows other data transport protocols to be specified.
  • LinkConnect can connect to a port on a remote computer system with the option setting LinkProtocol->"TCPIP".
  • LinkConnect returns a LinkObject.
  • You can use LinkConnect with LinkCreate to set up peertopeer communication between two Wolfram System processes.
  • LinkConnect can be used to connect to a link created by calling LinkCreate in another Wolfram System process.
  • LinkConnect can be used to connect to an external program that has created a WSTP link by calling the appropriate WSTP library functions.
  • External programs built from WSTP templates using mcc and mprep can typically create WSTP links whenever they are given -linkcreate commandline arguments.
  • LinkConnect internally calls a function analogous to the WSOpenArgv() function in the WSTP library.
  • Even though no program may yet be connected to the other end of the WSTP link, the function LinkConnect will return immediately and will not block.


Basic Examples  (1)

Start a subsidiary Wolfram Language kernel process and set it to listen on TCPIP port 8000:

Connect to kernel:

Read the first packets:

Get the $ProcessID of kernel:

$ProcessID of the current Wolfram System session:

Close kernel and the link:

Introduced in 1996
Updated in 2007