WSPutString (C Function)

int WSPutString(WSLINK link,const char*s)

puts a null-terminated string of C characters to the WSTP connection specified by link.


  • A raw backslash in the string must be sent as two characters ''.
  • Special characters can be sent only using the format returned by WSGetString().
  • The encoding normally used is the same as for WSGetString().
  • WSPutString() returns 0 in the event of an error, and a nonzero value if the function succeeds.
  • Use WSError() to retrieve the error code if WSPutString() fails.
  • WSPutString() is declared in the WSTP header file wstp.h.


Basic Examples  (1)

#include "wstp.h"

/* send a string representing an expression to a Mathematica kernel
for evaluation */

void f(WSLINK lp)
/* construct the packet to be sent to the kernel */
    WSPutFunction(lp, "EvaluatePacket", 1);
WSPutFunction(lp, "ToExpression", 1);
WSPutString(lp, (const char *)"3+4/Sqrt[19.2]");

/* send the packet */
    if(! WSFlush(lp))
        { /* unable to flush an outgoing data buffered in lp */ }