represents travel directions generated by TravelDirections.

Details and Options

  • Properties of travel directions can be obtained as TravelDirectionsData[]["prop"].
  • Possible properties include:
  • "Dataset"Dataset with maneuvers and other data
    "TravelPath"travel path as a GeoPath primitive
    "ManeuverGrid"grid of maneuvers
    "TravelDistance"total distance to travel
    "TravelTime"total time for travel


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Basic Examples  (1)

Travel from Miami to New York:

Draw the trip on a map:

Print a table of instructions:

Scope  (1)

Compute travel directions between two locations in Paris:

Obtain properties of the trip from the TravelDirectionsData object:

Options  (1)

UnitSystem  (1)

Extract property values in the specified unit system:

Properties & Relations  (3)

TravelDirectionsData objects are produced by TravelDirections:

Some properties of TravelDirectionsData objects can be obtained from specific functions:

Compute travel directions between Perth and Townsville in Australia:

These are the latitude and longitude bounds of the corresponding travel path:

GeoGraphics[TravelDirectionsData[]] shows the area:

Use TravelDirectionsData[]["TravelPath"] to represent the actual path:

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