Locations, Paths, and Routing

The Wolfram Language provides convenient functions for a wide range of local and travel-related geo computations.

Specifying Locations

GeoPosition location specified by explicit latitude, longitude

Entity location specified by a geographic entity (city, mountain, building, etc.)

GeoMarker marker to indicate a location

Deducing Locations

Here deduced current geo location

FindGeoLocation find a geo location from a street address (or estimate from geoIP etc.)

GeoAntipode antipode of a geo location

CentralFeature the most central location that minimizes distance to all other locations

GeoNearest  ▪  GeoIdentify  ▪  SpatialMedian

Random Locations

RandomGeoPosition generate pseudorandom geo positions in a region

Direct Geodetic Paths

GeoPath direct path on the Earth (geodesic, rhumb line, great circle, etc.)

GeoDistance distance based on a direct path

GeoDirection  ▪  GeoDestination  ▪  GeoDisplacement

Travel-Based Paths

TravelDirections compute travel directions

TravelDirectionsData data on travel paths, including maneuvers and instructions

TravelTime estimated travel time for driving, biking, walking

TravelDistance estimated travel distance

Maps & Visualizations »

GeoListPlot plot points or lines

GeoGraphics general maps with street maps, relief maps, etc.

Large-Scale Regions

GeoVisibleRegion region visible from a particular point in space

GeoDisk  ▪  GeoHemisphere  ▪  DayHemisphere  ▪  NightHemisphere

Natural Language Interpretation

Interpreter set up an interpreter for geo location information

"Location"  ▪  "StreetAddress"