gives the antipodal position of location loc.


gives the antipodal primitive of the geo primitive g.


  • The location loc in GeoAntipode[loc] can be a GeoPosition, GeoGridPosition or other position object. It can also be a geo Entity object.
  • For a geo primitive g, GeoAntipode[g] returns the antipodal primitive, with locations in g being replaced by their antipodal locations.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Find out the antipode of your location:

Find out the antipode of the capital of Spain:

That location is in New Zealand:

The antipode of a geo disk centered at loc is another geo disk centered at the antipode of loc:

Show the antipodal polygon of Brazil:

Scope  (7)

Find the antipode of a GeoPosition object:

Elevation is left unchanged:

Find the antipode of a GeoPositionXYZ object:

All three coordinates change sign:

Find the antipode of a GeoPositionENU object:

The East and Up components are preserved, but the North component changes sign:

Find the antipode of a GeoGridPosition object:

For general projections, the relation is highly nonlinear:

The antipodal position of a geo Entity location is returned as a GeoPosition object:

Find the antipodes of a GeoPosition array:

Find out the antipode of a geo path:

Applications  (2)

Take the polygon of South America:

Compute the antipodal polygon:

Draw a map of the antipodal polygon of South America:

Draw the antipode of Antarctica around the North Pole:

Properties & Relations  (4)

The antipode of the antipode of a location is the original location:

If location p is east of location q, then the antipode of p is also east of the antipode of q:

However, if p is north of q, then the antipode of p is south of the antipode of q:

The day and night hemispheres for a given date are antipodal:

The day-night terminator is its own antipode:

The geo hemispheres of two antipodal locations are complementary:

They are related by this simple identity:

Neat Examples  (1)

Overlay the polygons of the world and their antipodal polygons:

Introduced in 2017