The Wolfram Language provides state-of-the-art high-precision geodesy computation, supporting all standard datums and projections.

DMS etc. Conversions

FromDMS convert from degrees, minutes, and seconds to decimal degrees

DMSString, DMSList convert from decimal degrees to degrees-minutes-seconds form

Latitude, Longitude, LatitudeLongitude extract latitude, longitude

Degree (°) conversion factor from radians to degrees (entered as deg)

Geodetic Points & Coordinate Systems

GeoPosition geodetic position specified by latitude and longitude

GeoPositionXYZ  ▪  GeoPositionENU

GeoGridPosition projected position in a cartographic grid

GeoAntipode antipode of a geodetic location

Geodetic Paths & Measures

GeoDistance distance between geodetic positions

GeoDirection azimuthal direction between geodetic positions

GeoDestination position at a given distance and direction from a point

GeoDisplacement symbolic representation of a geodetic direction and distance

GeoLength length of a geodetic path

GeoArea area of a geodetic region

GeoDistanceList successive pairwise distances between a list of geodetic positions

Geodetic Projections

GeodesyData data on reference ellipsoids and geodetic datums

GeoProjectionData data on cartographic projections

GeoElevationData elevation data for the Earth

GeoGraphics create detailed relief, border, street, etc. maps

GeoImage satellite imagery

GeoNearest find nearest geographic features

GeoWithinQ  ▪  GeoIdentify  ▪  GeoEntities

GeoBoundingBox geo bounding box of a geographic object

GeoBounds  ▪  GeoBoundsRegion  ▪  GeoDisk  ▪  GeoVisibleRegion

CityData, CountryData positions of cities, countries

SunPosition  ▪  MoonPosition  ▪  Sunrise  ▪  Sunset  ▪  MoonPhase

Current Location Information

Here deduced current geo location

$GeoLocation settable current geodetic location

FindGeoLocation try to find the current location using GPS, geoIP, etc.

$GeoLocationCountry  ▪  $GeoLocationCity  ▪  $TimeZone

Time Computations

LocalTime local time at any location on the Earth

LocalTimeZone local time zone for any location

Travel-Based Computations

TravelDistance distance based on travel by car, walking, etc.

TravelTime time based on travel by car, walking, etc.

TravelDistanceList successive pairwise travel distances between a list of locations