gives the length of the geo path g.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (4)

Compute the total length of a geo path on the Earth:

Compute the total length of a path formed by geodesic segments:

Compute the total length of the rhumb lines joining the same points:

Length of the Earth's equator:

Length of a full meridian:

Compute the perimeter of a geo disk:

Scope  (3)

Compute the length of different one-dimensional geo elements:

Length of the perimeter of a region with holes, as a single joined object:

It can also be obtained by adding the lengths of the outer and inner curves:

Paths of different types can be combined with GeoGroup:

Generalizations & Extensions  (1)

GeoLength[Line[{p1,p2,}]] is equivalent to GeoLength[GeoPath[{p1,p2,}]] for geo locations pi:

Options  (2)

UnitSystem  (1)

Use the units determined by the value of $UnitSystem:

Specify the unit system to use:

GeoModel  (1)

Length of a geo path on the Earth:

Length of the corresponding path on Mars:

Properties & Relations  (1)

For a geo path defined by a list of points, GeoLength[GeoPath[list]] is equivalent to GeoDistance[list]:

Introduced in 2016