is a two-dimensional GeoGraphics primitive that represents a circle of radius r centered at the location loc on the surface of the Earth.


represents a sector of a circle from bearing α1 to bearing α2.


  • A geo circle with center loc and radius r is defined as the endpoints of all geodesics of length r starting from loc. Specifying bearings α1 and α2 restricts the set of geodesics.
  • The location loc can be specified either as latitude and longitude coordinates {lat,lon} in degrees, GeoPosition[], or as a named geographical Entity[].
  • The radius r can be given as a Quantity length or as a number in meters.
  • Bearings α1 and α2 are measured clockwise from true north and can be given as Quantity angles, as numbers in degrees, as DMS strings, or as named compass points like "N" or "SouthWest".
  • GeoCircle[loc] represents a geo circle centered at loc, with an automatic choice of radius.
  • GeoCircle[] is equivalent to GeoCircle[$GeoLocation].


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Basic Examples  (2)

A circle of 3000 kilometers around a geo location:

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A sector of a circle over South America:

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Introduced in 2014