is an option for GeoGraphics that specifies the reference body or model for it for the purposes of geodetic computations and map drawing.


  • The following settings can be used:
  • Automaticuse the "ITRF00" datum for the Earth
    "datum"any of the datums in GeodesyData["Datum"]
    "ellipsoid"any of GeodesyData["ReferenceEllipsoid"]
    {a,b}an explicit ellipsoid with semiaxes ab
    ra sphere of radius r
    entitya planet or planetary moon Entity object
  • The semiaxes lengths a, b in GeoModel{a,b} and the radius r in GeoModelr can be given either as numbers in meters or Quantity lengths.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Use the default (ellipsoidal) model of the Earth, where geodesics do not close:

Use a spherical model of the Earth, where geodesics close:

Use Mars as a reference model:

Use the Moon:

Applications  (1)

Store the coordinates/sizes of the lunar maria:

Plot the maria together with their names (as tooltips):

Properties & Relations  (2)

Show unclosed geodesics, which are one consequence of the nonsphericity of the Earth:

Compare with a spherical model:

Large disks accumulating around the antipodal point, using a spherical model of the Earth:

The default reference model is an ellipsoid:

Introduced in 2014