gives a satellite image of the geo region reg.


gives an image of the geo region reg with style mapstyle.

Details and Options


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Basic Examples  (5)

Satellite image of Iceland:

Satellite image of Iceland using an external tile provider:

Image of Iceland using the "StreetMap" map style:

Satellite image around a given location:

Satellite image of a geo region specified by two corner points, using the Mercator projection:

Options  (24)

AspectRatio  (1)

Construct map images of the same area with different aspect ratios:

Background  (1)

Specify a background color for the map image:

GeoCenter  (2)

Change the default center longitude of a world map:

Extend the geo range of the US so that Dallas is at its center:

GeoGridRange  (2)

Specify projected coordinate ranges in the coordinate system determined by the projection:

A map of the Chicago area in zone 16 of the Universal Transverse Mercator coordinate system:

GeoGridRangePadding  (1)

Add padding in the projected coordinate system:

Add positive padding in the horizontal direction, but negative padding in the vertical direction:

GeoModel  (2)

Get a satellite image of a region of Mars:

Get a satellite image of a region of the Moon:

GeoProjection  (2)

An equirectangular projection of the world map:

Use any projection for any region of the world:

GeoRange  (2)

Specify any region of the world as an entity:

Specify any region as ranges in latitude and longitude:

GeoRangePadding  (2)

Extend the geo range of Spain two degrees in each direction:

Extend the geo range of Spain different amounts in different directions:

GeoResolution  (1)

Specify the zoom level of the image around a given position:

GeoServer  (2)

Use tiles from the default geo server:

Use tiles from an external provider:

Limit the number of tiles that will be downloaded in a GeoImage call:

With a larger setting, the tiles will be downloaded:

GeoZoomLevel  (1)

Specify the zoom level of the image around a given position:

ImageSize  (1)

GeoImage automatically chooses an image size around 400 pixels in width:

Specify the image size of the result:

MetaInformation  (1)

By default, GeoImage stores Exif information in the result, as well as attribution data:

Store additional metainformation:

RasterSize  (3)

Specify the number of pixels of the image in the horizontal direction:

Specify maximum numbers of pixels in both dimensions:

RasterSize and ImageSize can be specified independently:

The image dimensions are determined by RasterSize, while ImageSize gives the size on the screen:

Properties & Relations  (1)

GeoImage effectively returns the geo background image used in GeoGraphics for a given input:

Introduced in 2017
Updated in 2019