is an option for Rasterize and related functions that determines the absolute pixel size of the raster generated.


  • The following settings can be given:
  • wwidth w pixels
    {w,h}explicit pixel width and height
    {{wmax},{hmax}}pixel width and height maximums
    {{wmin,wmax},{hmin,hmax}}pixel width and height ranges
  • With RasterSize->{w,h} a × raster will always be generated, with the rendered object being sized to fit in it.
  • If the object has a definite aspect ratio that is not h/w, then space will be left around it.
  • The position of the object within the × region is determined by the setting for the object's Alignment option.
  • With RasterSize->{{wmax},{hmax}}, an object is sized so that its width and height are as large as possible while not exceeding the specified maximums.
  • No extra space is then left around the object, so that the region in which the object is drawn is always the same shape as the object itself.
  • With RasterSize->{{wmin,wmax},{hmin,hmax}}, the object is sized to be as large as possible while not exceeding specified maximums, with extra space being left if necessary in order to satisfy the minimums.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Set different raster sizes in pixels:

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Introduced in 2007