Video Creation

Together with a complete graphics language, a high-level set of visualization functions and a variety of image- and audio-processing capabilities, the Wolfram Language provides flexible and highly customizable routines for video creation, ranging from recording from webcams and screens to generating dynamic visualizations.

Direct Import & Export

Import, Export import from and export to video files

"MP4"  ▪  "QuickTime"  ▪  "AVI"  ▪  "Ogg"  ▪  "Matroska"  ▪  "VideoFormat"

Video Capture

VideoCapture capture video from a webcam or any other connected device

VideoScreenCapture perform screen recording for the whole screen, a notebook, etc.

High-Level Video Creation

TourVideo create a tour from a 2D image or graphics

Tour3DVideo create a tour from a 3D graphic, image or geometry

SlideShowVideo generate a slide show video from a list of images or expressions

SnippetsVideo create a video summary from multiple snippets

GridVideo create a grid of videos

OverlayVideo overlay an image or video on top of another

Full-Control Video Creation

AnimationVideo generate video frames by evaluating an expression at different values

FrameListVideo construct a video from a list of frames

VideoFrameMap filter video by applying a function to each frame

VideoMap filter video frames and audio tracks

VideoGenerator generate video from arbitrary functions

Programmatic Video Capture

VideoRecord record from connected imaging devices or displays

VideoStream  ▪  VideoPlay  ▪  VideoPause  ▪  VideoStop  ▪  VideoStreams  ▪  RemoveVideoStream

Video Properties

ImageDimensions get dimensions of video frames

ImageChannels  ▪  ImageAspectRatio  ▪  AudioSampleRate  ▪  AudioChannels

Video Generation Options

VideoEncoding  ▪  BitRate  ▪  ConformationMethod  ▪  VideoTransparency

GeneratedAssetLocation  ▪  GeneratedAssetFormat  ▪  $GeneratedAssetLocation

$VideoEncoders  ▪  $AudioEncoders  ▪  $SubtitleEncoders