generates a video by taking a tour at points pti around graphics.


uses a more detailed specification at each stepi, including rotation, dwell time and more.


uses the globally specified path to generate the tour.


  • TourVideo generates a video by navigating around graphics. It can be used to zoom in and out or pan around graphics to explore regions of interest.
  • The input graphics can be any Graphics or Image object.
  • Position specification pti can be either of the following:
  • {x,y}an absolute position in the graphics coordinate system
    Scaled[{x,y}]scaled coordinates from 0 to 1 in each direction
  • Each step of the tour stepi can be an association with the following keys:
  • "Position"the center position of interest
    "DwellTime"the dwell time at a given step
    "Rotation"rotation of the graphics around position
    "Time"time at which the position is visited
    "Width"width of the region of interest
  • The path can be an association with the following keys:
  • "PathPositions"the center positions
    "PathDwellTimes"the dwell times
    "PathRotations"rotations around each position
    "PathTimes"times at each position
    "PathWidths"widths of the regions
  • The path also accepts "PathType" key to control the interpolation scheme between steps. Supported types include:
  • "Constant"jumps from one step to another
    "Linear"linearly interpolates between values (default)
    "Bezier"Bézier interpolation
    {"Hermite",InterpolationOrdern}Hermite interpolation
    {"Spline",InterpolationOrdern}spline interpolation
  • Options to control creation of frames are:
  • AspectRatio9/16aspect ratio to use
    DefaultDurationAutomaticsuggested duration in seconds
  • Options to control properties of the output video are:
  • BitRateAutomaticapproximate bit rate to use
    CompressionLevelAutomaticcompression level to use
    FrameRateAutomaticthe frame rate to use
    GeneratedAssetFormatAutomaticthe format of the result
    GeneratedAssetLocation$GeneratedAssetLocationthe location of the result
    OverwriteTargetFalsewhether to overwrite an existing file
    RasterSizeAutomaticraster size of the output video
    VideoEncodingAutomaticvideo encoding to use


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Basic Examples  (1)

Pan across an image:

Zoom into a part of an image:

Zoom out:

Pan and zoom:

Scope  (4)

Data  (3)

Explore a graphics object:

Explore a fractal mesh:

Zoom in on all the faces in a photo:

Step Specification  (1)

Explore parts of a very large image:

Applications  (1)

Travel around the border of Italy:

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