returns a summary video based on n snippets from video.


returns a summary video based on snippets taken at times specified by timespec.

Details and Options

  • SnippetsVideo creates a condensed or summarized version of a long video. The summary can allow for faster review or analysis of the whole content, or can be used as a teaser or trailer.
  • Possible settings for time specification timespec include:
  • nn uniformly spaced timestamps
    {"Uniform",n}n uniformly spaced timestamps
    {"Random",n}n randomly chosen timestamps
    {t1,t2,}explicit timestamps ti
    {w1t1,w2t2,}computes snippet duration for each timestamp ti according to the weight wi
  • The times ti can be any of the following:
  • ttime given in seconds
    Quantity[t,"unit"]time given in "unit" compatible with seconds
    Quantity[t,"Frames"]time given as a number of frames
  • Options to control the snippet selection are:
  • AlignmentAutomaticalignment of the video partitions with times
    DefaultDuration Automaticsuggested duration in seconds
  • Options to control properties of the output video are:
  • CompressionLevelAutomaticcompression level to use
    GeneratedAssetFormatAutomaticthe file format of the result
    GeneratedAssetLocation$GeneratedAssetLocationthe location of the result
    OverwriteTargetFalsewhether to overwrite an existing file
    RasterSizeAutomaticthe raster size used to rasterize expressions
    VideoEncodingAutomaticvideo encoding to use
    VideoTransparencyFalsewhether the output video should have a transparency channel


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Basic Examples  (1)

Summary of a video:

Compare the original and summary durations:

Scope  (2)

Create a summary based on a specified number of snippets to extract from the video:

Join samples of the video at 5 uniformly spaced times:

Compare the original and summary durations:

Compare frames from the original and the summary:

Create a summary video based on 5 randomly sampled snippets:

The summary duration may be shorter than the default duration to avoid returning repeated content if the intervals around the randomly spaced times overlap:

Show frames from the summary video:

Options  (2)

DefaultDuration  (2)

By default, for longer videos a 30-second summary is created:

Specify a different duration:

For shorter videos, a shorter summary is used:

Specify an explicit duration:

Possible Issues  (1)

Computation on videos linking to a remote asset may take a long time. Download the asset to get results faster:

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