is an option for geographic functions that specifies how much to extend the projected coordinate ranges determined by GeoGridRange.


  • GeoGridRangePadding can be used in GeoGraphics, GeoImage, GeoElevationData and other geo functions.
  • The settings can be of the following forms:
  • pthe same padding in all directions
    {px,py,}different padding in different directions
    {{pxL,pxR},}different padding on left and right, etc.
  • For each direction, the following forms can be used:
  • Automatican automatic amount of padding
    ss coordinate units
    Scaled[s]a fraction s of the map
    Noneno padding
  • Coordinate units are determined by the "ReferenceModel" parameter of the map projection.


Basic Examples  (1)

Extend the geo grid coordinate range by 20 units in every direction:

Introduced in 2019