is an option that specifies the background style of a GeoGraphics object.



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Basic Examples  (10)

Display with the default GeoBackground:

Explicitly specify an automatic GeoBackground:

Use satellite imagery as background:

Use satellite imagery from an external tile provider:

Show no geo background:

Show country borders in the geo background:

Show country borders in year 1800 for the region corresponding to modern Italy:

GeoStyling["StreetMap"] or GeoStyling["StreetMapNoLabels"] is used as the default GeoBackground, depending on the projection:

Use GeoBackground to display a relief for all regions that lie within the bounding box of the given primitive:

Display an image background that is partially visible behind the map:

GeoBackground applies to the geographic map, Background for the whole graphic:

Possible Issues  (3)

Specifying None as a geo background is not the same as specifying GeoStyling[None]:

Specifying Automatic as a geo background is not the same as specifying GeoStyling[Automatic]:

Specifying "OutlineMap" as geo background sets the style of the whole geo background polygon:

Use "Coastlines" or "CountryBorders" to include an actual map in the geo background:

Interactive Examples  (1)

Interactively explore map foreground and background styles:

Neat Examples  (1)

Add a tapered "swoosh" map effect around Paris:

Show the "swooshed" map:

Introduced in 2014