"Location" (Interpreter Type)

Natural-language name or coordinates of a geographic location.


  • "Location" can be used in Interpreter and related constructs, including deployed smart form fields.
  • Use of "Location" requires connectivity to the Wolfram Cloud.

Allowed Forms

  • Indiaa named country
    Parisa named city
    Lake Tanganyikaa named geographical location
    52°48'00"N 59°2'19"Egeographic coordinates
    lat 35 long 55geographic coordinates
    1 Broadway, NYCa street address

Restriction Specifications


  • "Location" yields a GeoPosition object. For extended entities, it uses when possible the position of the geographic center of the entity.


Basic Examples  (4)

Interpret named locations:

Interpret geographic coordinates:

Interpret a street address:

Restrict to US locations:

Interpret locations of any kind:

Change the datum for the resulting GeoPosition:

Geographic restrictions apply to the center coordinates in case of extended entities: