gives a list of common words.


gives a list of words of the specified type.

Details and Options

  • The following types are supported:
  • "CommonWords"common words (default)
    "KnownWords"known dictionary words
    poscommon words that can be a given part of speech
    {"type",pos}inflected, known, etc. words filtered by part of speech
    "Stopwords"words like "the" that are often considered insignificant
  • Core parts of speech are: "Noun", "Verb", "Adjective", "Adverb", "Preposition", "Conjunction", "Pronoun", "Determiner", and "Interjection".
  • WordList supports the following options:
  • IncludeInflectionsFalsewhether to include inflected forms of words
    Language$Languagewhat language to use


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Basic Examples  (1)

Get a list of common English language words:

List common English language nouns:

Options  (2)

Language  (1)

Get a list of all available Spanish language words:

Language specifications can be strings, or "Language" entities:

IncludeInflections  (1)

With IncludeInflections->True, inflected forms will be included in results:

With IncludeInflections->False, only uninflected words will be returned:

Applications  (2)

Generate a list of common English words:

Find the most frequent characters at the beginning of words:

Visualize the relative frequencies in a word cloud:

Compare to the most frequent characters globally:

Generate lists of common words for a set of languages:

Compute the length of each of these words:

Compare the distribution of numbers of characters per word for each language by overlapping histograms of relative frequencies:

Combine the histograms to show total counts of lengths for all languages together:

Possible Issues  (2)

Part-of-speech definitions may not be available for all language settings:

Not all languages have available word lists:

Introduced in 2015