represents an active page that takes input from a form and generates results on the same page by applying func to the values obtained from the form whose structure is defined by formspec.


represents an active form page with fields named namei interpreted as types typei.


uses labeli as the label for the field named namei.


uses defaulti as the default for the field specified by namespeci.


lays out the page according to the layout specification form.


uses initform as the initial layout specification and resform as the layout specification for result pages.

Details and Options

  • CloudDeploy[FormPage[]] yields a cloud object containing an active form page.
  • FormPage[formspec,func][<|"namek"->inputk,|>] inserts the inputs given into the initial form specified by the FormPage object.
  • Setting[FormPage[formspec,func]] evaluates to func applied to the current values of the form.
  • Possible layout specifications include:
  • "ResultBelow"display results below the form
    "ResultAbove"display results above the form
    {elem1,elem2,}display layout elements in the specified order
  • Possible layout elements include:
  • "Form"the form as specified by formspec
    "Result"results generated by applying func
    "Button"button for submitting the form
  • Overall options for FormPage include:
  • AppearanceRulesAutomaticassociation giving overall appearance rules
    FormLayoutFunctionAutomaticfunction to generate layout for the form
    PageThemeAutomaticoverall theme to use for the form
    ImageFormattingWidth$ImageFormattingWidthwrapping width for output formatting
    ImageSizeAutomaticoverall image size for output


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Introduced in 2015