Form Structure & Layout

The Wolfram Language provides rich options for structuring and laying out single-page and multi-page forms.

Overall Structure

FormFunction submittable form

FormPage page containing both a form and result

FormObject symbolic specification of form structure

Field Properties

nametype field with a specified name and interpreter type

nametypeval field with default value val

{name,label} field with specified label

name<||> detailed field specifications

"Required"  ▪  "Hint"  ▪  "Masked"  ▪  "Help"  ▪  ...

"Control" type of control to provide (Slider, PopupMenu, ...)

AutoSubmitting automatically submit the whole form when entered

Form Appearance & Annotation

PageTheme overall visual theme (e.g. "Black", "Red", "Blue", ...)

AppearanceRules detailed form appearance specifications

"Title"  ▪  "Description"  ▪  "SubmitLabel"  ▪  "RequiredFieldIndicator"  ▪  ...

"ItemLayout" layout for field labels etc. ("Vertical", "Inline", ...)

Style, "string", Image, ... items to insert verbatim in the form

Delimiter horizontal delimiter between fields

FormLayoutFunction specify the whole layout, including with HTML templates

Deployment Options

ImageFormattingWidth width at which to wrap the deployed form

Forms with Dynamic Structure

RepeatingElement a sequence of identical fields or blocks, with the ability to add more

CompoundElement a block of fields inside a RepeatingElement

Fields Depending on Others

TemplateSlot refer to an existing value when specifying properties of a field

Multi-Page Forms

{obj,f1,f2,} functions fi generate specifications of later pages