is an option for form and page generation functions that specifies the overall appearance of the generated object.


  • The setting for AppearanceRules can be an association or a list of rules.
  • Typical elements in the setting for AppearanceRules include:
  • "Title"Noneoverall title for the form
    "Description"Nonedescription to include at the top of the form
    "RequiredFieldIndicator"Noneindicator to show required fields
    "SubmitLabel""Submit"text for the submit button
    "CancelLabel""Cancel"text for the cancel button
    "ItemLayout""Horizontal"layout for a single element
  • Possible values for "ItemLayout" are "Vertical", "Horizontal", and "Inline".


Basic Examples  (4)

Make a form with a title and description:

Lay out items vertically:

Lay out items inline:

Specify custom labels for the submit and cancel buttons:

Introduced in 2014