represents a template slot to be filled from the n^(th) argument when the template is applied.


represents a template slot to be filled from an element with key name in an association appearing in the first argument.

Details and Options

  • In a string template given as a string, or in a file template, successive `` indicate TemplateSlot[i] for successive i.
  • The form `n` for integer n corresponds to TemplateSlot[n]. This is analogous to the form #n for Slot.
  • The form `name` for an alphanumeric string name not beginning with digits corresponds to TemplateSlot[1,"name"]. This is analogous to #name for Slot.
  • Within <**> in a string template given as a string, any #p that appear are effectively interpreted as TemplateSlot[p,].
  • In an XMLTemplate, TemplateSlot can be indicated using <wolfram:slot> ... </wolfram:slot>.
  • TemplateSlot supports the following options:
  • InsertionFunctionInheritedhow the value should be formatted
    DefaultValueMissingthe default value to use


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Basic Examples  (1)

Using a TemplateSlot:

Using TemplateSlot in a TemplateIf to handle plurals:

Options  (2)

InsertionFunction  (1)

Use InsertionFunction to change the Slot behavior:

The InsertionFunction ignores the Inherited function:

DefaultValue  (1)

Use a default value:

Introduced in 2014