deletes the object obj.


deletes all the obji.



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Basic Examples  (1)

Remove a local object:

Scope  (12)

Remove a local object:

Remove a persistent object:

Remove all persistent objects with a given key on $ContextPath:

Remove all persistent objects of a given persistence location:

Create a cloud object:

Remove the cloud object:

Create a directory cloud object:

Add something to the directory:

Remove the directory cloud object and its contents:

Remove a channel object:

Permanently delete a databin:

Create, cache and use a data resource object:

Delete the resource:

Retrieve a resource from the public data repository:

Remove the local cache of the resource:

Start an external session:

Stop the session:

Start listening on an available socket, applying a handler function to events:

Stop the session:

Create and then remove a permissions group:

Remove permissions keys from any cloud objects that are using them:

Use Once for a form of dynamic programming, using a custom location to cache the values computed:

Find the number of cached values generated:

Remove the cached values before redoing the timing experiment by deleting the custom persistence location:

Properties & Relations  (3)

Symbols and local symbols are removed with Remove:

Files are deleted with DeleteFile:

In contrast to the default behavior of DeleteDirectory, DeleteObject deletes cloud directories even if they contain other objects:

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