represents a permissions group with the specified name, owned by the current user.


represents a permissions group owned by the specified user.


  • PermissionsGroup[]["prop"] gives properties of permissions group. Possible properties include:
  • "Members"list of members of the group
    "Creator"creator of the group
    "CreationDate"date the group was created
  • DeleteObject[PermissionsGroup[]] removes a PermissionsGroup object.
  • AddUsers, RemoveUsers, and SetUsers can be used to manage members and member permissions of a permissions group.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Refer to a permissions group owned by the current user:

Refer to a permissions group of another user:

Scope  (1)

Create a permissions group:

List its members:

Show when the group was created:

Show the user who created the group:

Remove the group:

Introduced in 2014
Updated in 2017