creates a permissions group with the specified name.


creates a permissions group consisting of the specified initial users.


  • CreatePermissionsGroup has option Permissions. Settings for Permissions define permissions for use and modification of the permissions group. The default setting for Permissions is given by $Permissions.
  • The useri can be given as WolframIDs or WolframUUIDs.
  • The form user->per specifies permissions for a user with respect to the permissions group. Possible permissions can be any combination of:
  • "Use"reference the group in specifying permissions
    "Read"get the list of members of the group
    "Modify"modify members of the group
  • The default permissions assigned to a user correspond to user->{} and do not allow the user to use the permissions group themself.
  • The form {user1,user2,}->per specifies the same permissions for multiple users.
  • A permissions group can be deleted with DeleteObject.
  • AddUsers, RemoveUsers and SetUsers can be used to manage members and member permissions of a permissions group.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Create a permissions group consisting of two users:

Use the group in the permissions settings of a new cloud object:

Scope  (1)

Create a permissions group containing two users:

Retrieve the members of the group:

Introduced in 2014