adds the users useri to the permissions group group.


  • The permissions group is in general specified by a PermissionsGroup object.
  • AddUsers["name",] assumes the permissions group PermissionsGroup[$WolframID,"name"] is associated with the current user.
  • The useri can be given as WolframIDs or WolframUUIDs.
  • The form user->per specifies permissions for a user with respect to the permissions group. Possible permissions are:
  • "Use"reference the group in specifying permissions
    "Read"get the list of members of the group
    "Modify"modify members of the group
  • If a user is already in a permissions group, specifying permissions for the user in AddUsers will reset the permissions for that user with respect to the permissions group.
  • AddUsers[{group1,group2,},{user1,}] adds all users to each group.


Basic Examples  (1)

Add a user to an existing permissions group:

The group now contains the user:

Introduced in 2014