External Language Interfaces

The Wolfram Language has built-in support for common external languages, as well as flexible tools for creating interfaces to any external language or program.

Generating Code to Call Wolfram Language Functions

EmbedCode generate native code to call the Wolfram Cloud and Wolfram Engine

APIFunction define an API for calling Wolfram Language code

ExternalTypeSignature option to specify a mapping to native types

ExternalBundle bundle together named external functions

$EmbedCodeEnvironments list of languages supported by EmbedCode

Python, JavaScript, and Other Interpreted Languages »

ExternalEvaluate run a command in an external language, and return the result

StartExternalSession start a persistent external language session

ExternalSessions  ▪  FindExternalEvaluators  ▪  ...

"Python"  ▪  "NodeJS"  ▪  "WebDriver-Chrome"  ▪  "WebDriver-Firefox"

C, C++, etc.

Install load an installable WSTP-enabled program

LibraryFunction a function calling into a dynamic library

CCodeGenerate export a Wolfram Language compiled function into C code

CFunction symbolic representation of a C function

Java »

LoadJavaClass  ▪  JavaNew  ▪  JavaObject  ▪  ...

.NET »

LoadNETType  ▪  LoadNETAssembly  ▪  NETNew  ▪  NETBlock  ▪  ...

R »

ToRForm  ▪  FromRForm  ▪  RSet  ▪  REvaluate  ▪  RFunction  ▪  ...


"XML"  ▪  XMLElement  ▪  XMLObject  ▪  ...

Command Line & Shell

Run  ▪  StartProcess  ▪  RunProcess  ▪  Get  ▪  Import  ▪  ...

Web Programs & APIs

APIFunction  ▪  CloudDeploy  ▪  URLExecute  ▪  ServiceExecute

General WSTP Interface

LinkRead  ▪  LinkWrite

General Templating

TemplateApply  ▪  StringTemplate  ▪  FileTemplate  ▪  XMLTemplate