runs the specified external command, returning information on the outcome.


runs the specified command, with command-line arguments argi.


returns only the specified property.


feeds the specified initial input to the command.


  • RunProcess blocks until the process it starts has finished.
  • In RunProcess[command,prop,input], input is automatically converted to a string using ToString. The same is true for the argi in RunProcess[{command,arg1,},].
  • Typical possible properties to return include:
  • "ExitCode"the exit code for the process
    "StandardOutput"data sent to standard output, as a string
    "StandardError"data sent to standard error, as a string
    Allan association of all properties (default)
  • RunProcess has the following options:
  • ProcessDirectoryInheritedinitial working directory
    ProcessEnvironmentInheritedenvironment variables to supply
  • By default, the subprocess will inherit its process directory and environment variables from the Wolfram Engine.


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Basic Examples  (4)

Run a simple external command:

Run a command, and get back only what it writes to the standard output channel:

Give a command-line option to the function:

Equivalent command on Windows:

Run a command, and get back only its exit code:

Scope  (2)

Run the command-line console and a couple of commands inside it, then quit it:

Run the same program with the same input, but retrieve only its standard output:

Possible Issues  (4)

The right way to call RunProcess for a program plus its arguments is using a list:

Calling RunProcess with the command and arguments in a single string does not work:

Also, calling RunProcess with the program arguments as arguments for RunProcess is not allowed:

Special symbols like ~ and * are not converted using shell expansion because RunProcess skips the shell:

Shell commands like dir and echo cannot be called directly on Windows because they are not binaries (however, they are binaries on Unix systems):

Some commands might need to be called using absolute paths:

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