downloads and installs the software package pack on your machine.

Details and Options

  • SystemInstall manages the installation and configuration of external software packages called by certain language functions.
  • Supported software packages pack include:
  • "Python"Python programming language for ExternalEvaluate
    "WinPcap"drivers for NetworkPacketCapture (Windows only)
  • SystemInstall[pack] downloads, verifies and then runs a standard installer program for the package pack.
  • SystemInstall prompts for confirmation before installing software on your machine.
  • SystemInstall allows the following options:
  • InteractiveTruewhether to run the external installer in interactive mode
    VerifySecurityCertificatesTruewhether to verify the digital certificate of the software
  • Some packages may require elevated user permissions to install.
  • Some installations may require a machine reboot after the installation is complete.
  • SystemInstall supports Windows and Mac.


Basic Examples  (2)

Install Python on your local machine and configure it for use with ExternalEvaluate:

Evaluate code in Python:

Install WinPcap on your local machine and configure it for use with NetworkPacketCapture:

Record network packets:

Introduced in 2018