External Interpreted Language Interfaces

The Wolfram Language supports immediate access to REPLs for external languages such as Python, JavaScript (Node.js), etc., as well as variants in which particular packages are preloaded. Once an external system is discovered or registered, ExternalEvaluate immediately calls the system, either in a one-shot mode or through a persistent session.

ExternalEvaluate one-shot evaluation of external code

ExternalFunction call a function in an external language, and return the result

ExternalValue get the value of a symbol from an external language

External Sessions

StartExternalSession start a persistent session of the external system

ExternalSessionObject symbolic representation of an active external session

ExternalSessions give a list of active external sessions

DeleteObject  ▪  ExternalObject

Managing External Evaluator Systems

FindExternalEvaluators find currently available external evaluator systems

RegisterExternalEvaluator  ▪  UnregisterExternalEvaluator

SystemInstall install software for external evaluators

"Python"  ▪  "NodeJS"  ▪  "Julia"  ▪  "Ruby"  ▪  "R"  ▪  "Java"  ▪  "Octave"  ▪  "Jupyter"  ▪  "SQL"  ▪  "SQL-JDBC"  ▪  "Shell"

Processing Input and Output

StringTemplate  ▪  FileTemplate

TemplateApply apply a template to generate a string, file, etc.

Interpreter specify an interpreter for a string

ImportString  ▪  ExportString