System Model Creation

Models can easily be created from many kinds of sources, such as systems of differential equations, state-space models, data or existing component models. Combining these makes for a very powerful toolbox for programmatic model creation. The Wolfram SystemModeler product provides an interactive graphical interface for drag-and-drop model creation and exploration. With shared state and seamless switching, the two user interfaces complement each other with fully integrated workflows.

Programmatic Model Creation

CreateSystemModel create models from differential and algebraic equations

ConnectSystemModelComponents create models by connecting components

CreateDataSystemModel create models from data

SystemModelCalibrate calibrate model parameters with measurement data

Model Modification

SystemModel modify model parameters and properties

SetSystemModel modify model in place

"MO"  ▪  DeleteObject  ▪  "SMA"

Model Information

SystemModel find properties for models

SystemModels list models

Graphical Model Creation

SystemModeler start SystemModeler modeling environment