System Model Simulation

Simulation is a vital tool in understanding, designing and parametrizing real-world systems. The Wolfram Language provides a strong collection of functionality for simulation, visualization and parameter exploration of such systems. The Wolfram System Modeler product provides an interactive graphical interface for simulation exploration and automatic 3D animation of results. With shared state and seamless switching, the two user interfaces complement each other with fully integrated workflows.

SystemModelExamples explore simulation-ready examples


SystemModelSimulate simulate a model

SystemModelParametricSimulate simulate for parameter variation, optimization, etc.

SystemModelSimulateSensitivity  ▪  ParametricFunction  ▪  InterpolationOrder

Simulation Results

SystemModelSimulationData get simulation results

SystemModelPlot plot simulation results

SystemModelUncertaintyPlot plot uncertainty in simulation results

Graphical Simulation Interface

SystemModeler start SystemModeler simulation and analysis environment