System Model Analytics & Design

Model analytics creates insight by analyzing simulation data, using everything from general visualization and summarization to specialized and dedicated analysis functionality. The Wolfram Language makes custom analysis for specific domains or use cases easy. Model design attempts to change or improve system behavior by modifying or optimizing system inputs, parameters or other properties of the system. Advanced simulation control in combination with powerful Wolfram Language features provides a rich environment for such optimizations and design.

SystemModelExamples explore simulation-ready examples

Model Exploration

SystemModel find detailed properties for models and components

SystemModels list available models and components

Model Simulation »

SystemModelSimulate simulate a model

SystemModelMeasurements measure step-response properties

SystemModelSimulationData retrieve and analyze the full simulation data for a model


Model & Data Visualization

SystemModelPlot plot simulation data

ParametricPlot plot parametric simulation data

SystemModel configure plots for model

Plot  ▪  ListLinePlot  ▪  LogPlot  ▪  ...

Optimization »

SystemModelParametricSimulate simulate for parameter variation, optimization, etc.

ParametricFunction  ▪  NMinimize  ▪  FindMinimum  ▪  NMaximize  ▪  ...

Control Systems »

SystemModelLinearize linearize a model

FindSystemModelEquilibrium find equilibrium points for nonlinear models

ConnectSystemModelController connect a model with a controller

StateSpaceModel  ▪  TransferFunctionModel  ▪  PIDTune  ▪  BodePlot  ▪  ...

Reliability Analysis »

SystemModelReliability compute model reliability

ReliabilityDistribution  ▪  SurvivalFunction  ▪  StructuralImportance  ▪  ...