returns a list of loaded system models.


returns the models matching the string pattern patt.


only returns specialized models of the kind "spec".


  • SystemModels[patt] allows the same string patterns as StringMatchQ.
  • With SystemModels[patt,"spec"], only models with "spec" are returned:
  • "class"general class
    "model"model class
    "block"input/output block
    "connector"connector class
    "function"function definition
    "package"collection of classes and constants
    "record"collection class
    "type"type specification


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Basic Examples  (3)

Get all models currently available:

Show all examples in the Modelica rotational mechanics library:

Get only a specific type of model:

Scope  (1)

Use a StringExpression to get Modelica standard library examples containing q:

Applications  (1)

Get the number of each model type in the Modelica Standard Library:

Do the same for "IntroductoryExamples" and "DocumentationExamples":

Properties & Relations  (1)

SystemModelExamples returns only models that can be simulated:

SystemModels returns all models, which is usually a much larger list:

Introduced in 2018