Web Browser Automation

The Wolfram Language supports detailed built-in automated control of web browsers (including Chrome and Firefox), allowing programmatic simulation of user interactions with webpages.

Web Sessions

StartWebSession start an automated web browser session

WebSessionObject symbolic representation of a web browser session

WebSessions currently active web browser sessions

DeleteObject delete a web browser session

Web Commands

WebExecute execute a wide range of commands in a web browser

$CurrentWebSession the current default web session in which to execute commands

Webpages & Elements

WebWindowObject symbolic representation of an open webpage or tab

WebElementObject symbolic representation of an element on an open webpage

Complete Webpages

WebImage capture an image of a webpage

Import import content from a webpage (including links, etc.)

URLRead read from a URL

HTTPRequest  ▪  HTTPResponse  ▪  URLExecute

Operating System Operations

SystemOpen open a webpage in the operating system

CurrentScreenImage capture a complete image of the screen


ExternalEvaluate execute JavaScript code locally