represents a web browser session started by StartWebSession for use with WebExecute.


  • WebSessionObject[][prop] returns a property of the external session.
  • The WebSessionObject defines the connection to a web driver, an external process for controlling a web browser.
  • The following properties are available:
  • "Browser"the web browser used by the WebSessionObject
    "SessionID"a unique identifier for this web session
    "URL"the URL used for web driver communication
    "Process"the process associated with the web driver
  • WebSessionObject[]["Properties"] gives a list of available properties.


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Basic Examples  (2)

Start an external session to get a WebSessionObject:

Delete the session with DeleteObject:

Query properties from a WebSessionObject:

Delete the session object:

Scope  (1)

Start a session:

List all possible properties:

Make a dataset of all WebSessionObject properties:

Delete the session object:

Introduced in 2019