evaluates expr once in each Wolfram Language session, always returning the result from the first evaluation.


evaluates expr once and caches the result in persistence location loc.

Details and Options

  • When first used in a session, Once[expr] evaluates expr and returns the result.
  • Subsequent uses of Once[expr] do not evaluate expr again, and return the result from when expr was first evaluated.
  • Once has attribute HoldFirst.
  • Once[expr] is equivalent to Once[expr,"KernelSession"].
  • In Once[expr,loc], possible forms for the persistence location loc include:
  • PersistenceLocation["type"]"Local", "Cloud", "FrontEndSession", etc. locations
    "type"equivalent to PersistenceLocation["type"]
    PersistenceLocation["type","base"]location with a particular base (directory etc.)
    "type""base"equivalent to PersistenceLocation["type","base"]
  • Unset[Once[expr]] or Unset[Once[expr,loc]] removes any stored value for expr.
  • Once has the following options:
  • ExpirationDateNonewhen the cache should expire
    PersistenceTimeNonehow long the cache should persist
  • If Once[expr,] is evaluated after a cached result is specified to have expired, then expr will be evaluated again.


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Basic Examples  (1)

Evaluate an expression inside Once:

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Any subsequent evaluation of Once[expr] simply returns the previous result:

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Introduced in 2016
Updated in 2017