Session Customization

The Wolfram Language allows almost every aspect of sessions to be customized, under full programmatic control.

$Pre function to apply before each input is processed

$Post function to apply to each output

$PrePrint  ▪  $MessagePrePrint

SetOptions globally set options for functions, notebooks, and the front end

$FrontEnd  ▪  $FrontEndSession


On, Off switch messages on or off

SetDirectory set the current directory

$Path list of directories to search for files

Once evaluate any expression once only within a session

Locale & International Customization »

$TimeZone  ▪  $CharacterEncoding  ▪  $Language  ▪  $DateStringFormat  ▪  ...

Session History Customization »

$Line  ▪  $HistoryLength  ▪  $OutputSizeLimit  ▪  ...

Global Computation Settings »

$RecursionLimit  ▪  $Assumptions  ▪  $MaxExtraPrecision  ▪  $MinPrecision  ▪  ...

Low-Level Customization

$NewSymbol  ▪  $NewMessage  ▪  $PreRead  ▪  $SyntaxHandler  ▪  SystemOptions

Evaluation Dynamic Updating Enabled switch dynamic content on or off

Batch Processing »

$Output  ▪  $Urgent  ▪  $Epilog  ▪  $IgnoreEOF  ▪  ...

Session Initialization »

InitializationValue persistent settable value initialized when sessions are started

$Initialization  ▪  $InitializationContexts