Wolfram System Session History

The history of an interactive Wolfram Language computation is both maintained in a fully editable Wolfram Language notebook and stored symbolically in a sequence of In and Out objects that can immediately be used in other Wolfram Language commands.

Out (%, %%, %n, ...) output expressions

In unevaluated input expressions

InString original input strings

MessageList messages produced while generating each output

CellLabel  ▪  ShowCellLabel  ▪  CellLabelAutoDelete

copy down an input line (Insert Input from Above)

copy down an output line (Insert Output from Above)

InputForm show output, graphics, etc. in input form

Iconize make an iconized form of large output

$Line resettable current line number

$HistoryLength number of previous outputs to keep

$OutputSizeLimit maximum size of output to give explicitly

$NotebookInlineStorageLimit maximum size to include explicitly in compact outputs

Cell Notebook History summarize the editing history of a notebook

Saving Session History Information

Save save definitions for symbols, functions, or contexts

Put, PutAppend save Wolfram Language expressions

NotebookSave  ▪  NotebookAutoSave

File Save