is an option for Cell that specifies whether to display the label for a cell.


  • ShowCellLabel can take the values True or False to show or hide the cell label.
  • ShowCellLabel->Automatic works identically to ShowCellLabel->True if the cell had been last evaluated in a currently running kernel session. If the kernel session that last evaluated the cell is no longer running, then Automatic changes the display by obscuring $Line and changing the onscreen style used to display the label.
  • ShowCellLabel is more often set for styles of cells than for individual cells.
  • If the CellLabelAutoDelete option is set to True or Automatic, the label for a cell is automatically deleted when the cell is modified.


Basic Examples  (1)

Create one input cell with ShowCellLabel->True and one with ShowCellLabel->False:

Labels are set when the cells are evaluated, but the second input cell's label is hidden:

You can see the label by turning ShowCellLabel on again:

Introduced in 1996
Updated in 2018