Cell Styling Options

The Wolfram Language provides many options for styling the cells that appear in notebooks. Some of the more common styling options are available directly from the Format menu. All styling options can be accessed interactively from the Option Inspector, as well as programming through Style and related functions. Note that style options for contents of cells can also be specified at the level of complete cells.

Format Style set the style for a cell

Option Inspector interactively set any cell styling option

TextCell, ExpressionCell programmatically create cells with specified styling

Background background color for a cell

CellFrame whether to put a frame around a cell

CellFrameMargins  ▪  CellFrameColor  ▪  CellFrameLabels  ▪  CellFrameLabelMargins

CellDingbat a dingbat to emphasize a cell

CellDingbatMargin  ▪  ShowGroupOpener  ▪  ShowCellBracket  ▪  CellBracketOptions

CellLabel content of the cell's label, typically "\"In[n]:=\"" or "\"Out[n]=\""

ShowCellLabel whether to show labels on cells

CellLabelAutoDelete  ▪  CellLabelPositioning  ▪  CellLabelMargins  ▪  CellLabelStyle

CellMargins margins on each side of a cell

CellBaseline  ▪  CellOpen