gives a text cell that can appear in a Wolfram System notebook.


gives a text cell with the specified style.


gives a text cell with multiple styles applied to it.

Details and Options

  • Text cells are formatted like text, with appropriate spacing and line breaking.
  • CellPrint[TextCell[expr]] inserts a text cell into your current notebook.
  • Typical possible styles for text cells include "Title", "Section", "Text", etc.
  • TextCell[Row[{expr1,expr2,}]] generates a text cell containing a concatenation of the expri, which need not be only strings.
  • TextCell can have any of the many options of Cell, including:
  • Backgroundthe color of the background for the cell
    CellBaselinealignment relative to surrounding text
    CellFramewhether to draw a frame around the cell
    CellTagstags for the cell
    Editablewhether to allow the contents of the cell to be edited
    FontSizethe default size of text in the cell
    TextAlignmenthow to align text in the cell


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Basic Examples  (2)

This represents a cell that contains text:

This turns the cell expression into an actual cell in the current notebook:


Create a cell with the Section style:

Scope  (4)

Text cells can contain a mixture of simple text and Wolfram Language expressions:

Text cells can contain styled text:

Use different styles:

Use more than one style:

Applications  (1)

Here is a simple function that produces a document as an answer using expression and text cells:

Properties & Relations  (2)

TextCell and ExpressionCell format contents differently:

If the argument to TextCell is not a string or a Row, it will produce an expression cell:

Possible Issues  (1)

Certain Cell options only affect standalone cells, such as cells produced by CellPrint, and do not affect cells that occur within an output cell:

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