is an option for Cell that specifies whether a frame should be drawn around a cell.


  • The option is specified as the thickness of the frame in points. A value of 0 indicates no frame.
  • Possible settings are:
  • distthe specification of the frame on all sides
    {{left,right},{bottom,top}}different specifications for the frame on each side
  • The space left between the frame and the cell contents is determined by CellFrameMargins. The color of the frame is determined by CellFrameColor.
  • Dingbats go outside the frame.
  • None, False, or 0 are equivalent values that prevent the frame from drawing. True is equivalent to a value of 1.


Basic Examples  (4)

Specify a default cell frame:

Specify frame thickness in points:

Specify different thicknesses for different edges:

If an edge has a thickness of zero, it is omitted:

Introduced in 1996