is an option for Cell which specifies what dingbat to use to emphasize a cell.


  • The setting CellDingbat->None displays no dingbat.
  • Dingbats are placed to the left of the main contents of a cell, aligned with the first line of the contents.
  • Dingbats are placed outside of any cell frame.
  • The setting for CellDingbat can be any string or Cell expression. A typical setting is "\[FilledSquare]".
  • CellDingbat is often set for styles of cells rather than for individual cells.


Basic Examples  (3)

Create a cell with a small circle dingbat:

The dingbat goes outside the cell frame if the cell has one:

A dingbat can be many characters long:

Introduced in 1996
Updated in 2007