gives an expression cell that can appear in a Wolfram System notebook.


gives an expression cell with the specified style.


gives an expression cell with multiple styles applied to it.

Details and Options

  • Expression cells can contain any Wolfram Language expressions, including graphics and dynamic objects.
  • An ExpressionCell can appear anywhere in a Wolfram Language expression.
  • ExpressionCell[expr] by default formats expr in the current default output format type, typically StandardForm.
  • Typical possible styles for expression cells include "Input", "Output", "Section", etc.
  • CellPrint[ExpressionCell[expr, "Print"]] is normally effectively equivalent to Print[expr].
  • ExpressionCell can have any of the many options of Cell, including, for example:
  • Backgroundthe color of the background for the cell
    CellBaselinealignment relative to surrounding text
    CellFramewhether to draw a frame around the cell
    CellTagstags for the cell
    Editablewhether to allow the contents of the cell to be edited
    FontSizethe default size of text in the cell
    TextAlignmenthow to align the contents of the cell
  • ExpressionCell[Null] gives an empty expression cell.


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Introduced in 2007
Updated in 2017